Richard Hammond Names the 1M Car of the Year

First it was Jeremey Clarkson calling it the most fun car of the year. Then we followed officially naming it the BimmerFile ‘s BMW of the year. Now another third of Top Gear has chimed in and given it top honors for 2011. Richard Hammond has named the 1M is own 2011 car of the year. Here ‘s an excerpt:

Visually, it tells you straightaway that while it might be still right now, what it wants to do more than anything is bounce up and down like a mad thing, crap on the rug and tear off with the TV remote in its teeth. Comparisons are made with the original BMW M3 every time this car is talked about, and with good reason. The M3, when it popped up in 1987, was adored for its track-derived focus, razor-sharp performance and fizzing, raucous energy.

That, though, was a car built for homologation reasons: BMW wanted to race and had to build a number of road-going versions to qualify. The new 1M Coupe has been built simply because BMW felt there was a market for a modern car with all of those attributes. It could have been a cynical marketing exercise, another example of men in suits telling us what we want. Except they ‘re exactly right – we want it.

Sounds right to us.

Source: Top gear

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  • JonPD

    Could not agree more. 

    • Sackboy

      Agree with YOU , JPD !    sackboy

  • Mark Smith

    The Hamster is right on the $$$!

  • goat

    As an enthusiast who tends to get most excited about lighter + smaller + more “mechanical” products (I’m a repeat miata buyer and modder for this reason) I agree wholly that the 1M is the most desireable car BMW has released in YEARS. Glad you snagged one and are enjoying it Gabe! 

  • Adam

    I hope BMW see this kind of press and really take it to heart (not that many comments especially on the net should be) but from the very begining this car has been making almost 100% positive press.  I know the marketing folks at BMW say they sell what sells but I dont wanna hear that there is no market for a small, simple, slightly more affordable M car.  The proof is in the pudding, everyone loves the car and cant say enough good things about it and they all sold out with in months of release.