BimmerCast #58: How to Order an F30, Updates on the M6, i8 & and the Future of BMW Apps


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We ‘re back but a week since our last show with a look ahead at 2012 and some improved audio quality and another big 60 minute show. But more importantly we tell you how to properly order an F30 and what those “Lines ” really are.

After the F30 we move onto the Detroit and Geneva Motor shows and what to expect at each. But what about M? 2012 will initially be the year of the M5 and then as things warm-up a drop-top with close to 600 hp. We break-down what to expect from the new halo M car – the M6. Finally I admit to temporarily putting an E60 M5 into limp mode due to cold weather and a little impatience.

Then we move onto the i3 and the i8 – the latter which has recently sprouted some very normal looking doors.

Finally we talk tech and BMW apps. More specifically we get into the positives and negatives of BMW Apps and BMW ‘s Online service. But more importantly, through our sources, we take a hypothetical look at the feature of BMW ‘s online in-car services. If you think things are interesting now, just wait a few years.

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  • Wretched

    Great podcast! Keep them coming!

  • Adam

    Great show guys, and Gabe dont worry about limp moding the M5 LOL in the fall I took a buddy of mine’s M6 out, I got only two full throttle pulls before the limp mode activated.  I later would find out that when oil is changed it is noted by the computer and if not it will limp mode when pushed.  But for a moment I thought I was buying somone a $50,000 engine, most scary moment of my life.

  • Joe C

    Glad to hear regulat podcasts resuming.  Gabe, i loved hearing your impressions of the M5 motor.  That is just the kind of thing I like to hear from Bimmerfile, the enthusiats’s view of our iconic cars.  How about a 1M summary after living with it for 5k miles, or whatever?  On the subject of 1M’s what do you guys think about the super limited production numbers for the 1M?  I feel like BMW made a truly great car, supposedly for younger buyers at a lower price point, but the low volume makes them impossible to get and subject to wild mark-ups.  For example, BMW of San Francisco has a 1M in the showroom for sticker +20k

    On the other hand, I found Michael’s discussion of BMW Online vs. BMW Apps, muddled and unconvincing.  I get the feeling that Michael has so much insider information that he can no longer clearly take the point of view of the Bimmerfile reader.  How does BMW Online being potentially free in LTE equipped future cars have any bearing on our current experience with the underwhelming implementation of BMW Apps? 

    Regarding Gabe’s point about keeping ones hands on the road, BMW Apps requires that I manually switch on MOG or Pandora while my iPhone is in the cradle when I restart the vehicle or switch between apps.  Given that the crade is way out the the line of sight in the armrest, this is a quite dangerous move to be making while driving.


    • Anonymous

      Joe C- 

      I apologize for not making my point clearer and let me be frank, I disagree with the fact I no longer take the point of the BimmerFile reader or listener. The whole reason I do this is so that people like me (enthusiasts) have their opinion heard and let me tell you it is heard directly from my mouth to those that need to know. I pull no punches and say what is on my mind. I pulled up short with the Apps argument for time reasons as we could go on for hours on just that topic and we will- just not in one episode.

      The point I was trying to make is that Apps remains a focus but it is not the only thing BMW is focussing on as Apps is a small market currently. Those that have invested their hard earned cash into Apps have a right to be upset that the roll out has been slower than everyone imagined. I also know several people that have purchased Apps for their cars and have not even downloaded a single item from iTunes to work with the car, because they are using Android phones (which were NEVER said to work with the system). 

      BMW has invested heavily in Apps, including two R&D facilities that more recently came online, so Munich will not be the only location working on these technologies. There is one in Mountain View Ca, and one in China in addition to Munich.

      • 03BeastCharmer

        I’m still a little confused.  There was mention of Apps not being future proof, and there potentially being a shift more to the universal BMW Online system.  If I am ordering an M3 in the next couple of months (E92), Michael would you recommend including BMW Apps? And does that change if I say I want to do some track days and would love feedback from the car 🙂

        • Anonymous

          There will be a shift BUT it will be in the future and apps will still remain, especially for things related to performance and that NEED the cars sensor data. In Germany LTE is almost fully deployed, allowing for 20+ MB/s downloading- plenty to stream a movie with in the car. What is a distinct possibility is that BMW online will become something it cant be right now thanks to the EDGE system it relies on. A lot of the processing needed is done on BMW’s own backend so the car does little but act as a screen. This will work for most things. Data more than likely will be packaged up front or monthly like how Sat Radio is. Think of what can be done- cloud style. Apps continue to make sense for those that do not want to buy data for their car but, with most US carriers ending unlimited data plans those that use music streaming with iPhones and the like will be getting hammered anyways. Apps will be around for the foreseeable future and more are coming. Honestly it is 250 bucks I’d buy every time because it leaves things open and more can be done and will be. If people really take the time to read the terms of use for apps, the system and all that come with it will see how BMW clearly is protecting itself all while rolling out something that is groundbreaking for an automobile company. I’d buy it.

          • 03BeastCharmer

            Thanks.  I know it’s only $250 on a $65K+ car.  As a non-facebook/twitter person, I’m just hoping for more details on the performance oriented apps 🙂

            As always great show, and glad you guys have been able to work out your schedules to put out these great podcasts!!

        • Joe C

          I have it  and would just say that you should take into account the $250 snap in adapter that is mandatory, as well as $10/month for MOG if you want on-demand music streaming.   It the cost doesn’t bother you then it is reasonably good (but not great) and it may be a form of insurance against future technological changes.

      • Joe C

        Let me first say that you guys are among the best out there for getting the enthusiast’s point of view on BMWs and any car.  I trust you guys over any other source at the moment. (Keep up the great work!)  I was trying to make the point that, while inside info is great, it can have another effect, that of stifling the ability to comment on that specific information.  With regard to BF being the true voice of the enthusiast to BMW management, I have absolutely no doubt that this is true.

        I have no beef with truncating the debate on Apps.  Frankly, it is not the most important topic, but as our cars are getting more and more intricately intwined with technology, I suppose we need to address it.   As much as i wished i was driving the Caterham Super 7 that pulled beside my BMW yesterday in New Jersey (owner clad in much wool)  I do appreciate the convenience my ’11 X5 has that my ’06 911S didn’t have and my ’03 E39 doesn’t have either.

    • Thanks for the feedback Joe! Quick question for you – how do you like MOG?

      • Joe C

        What’s up Gabe!  Extremely jealous of your 1M! Haha.   Regarding MOG, I have to say that I like Spotify much more, primarily due to the much better web interface.  But, MOG’s curated content, which are editor’s playlists, are pretty good, and accessible though iDrive.  The music catalog appears deep. One example of how MOG worked well is that I was able to look up many versions of “Ain’t no mountain high enough” while in the car, a song that my daughter had to sing in a school musical.  It lead to a nice family moment. 

        At the end of the day, though, I don’t want to be paying both MOG and Spotify.  I will choose one soon.  Pandora works pretty well in-car so i’m thinking that it will be Spotify at home, and Pandora/Web radio in the car.

  • 03beastCharmer

    Just an FYI – BMW UK released an IPad app detailing ConnectedDrive. Very interesting set of details and videos. A little sad the stuff they are allowed to do that we are currently being limited against doing. Search ConnectedDrive on the app store and you should find it.