BMWNA Re-launches the Ultimate Driving Machine Campaign

When Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners unanimously won the competition earlier this year to be BMW ‘s advertising agency of record, they did so not by talking about “joy “. Instead they went back to BMW ‘s rich marketing history and resurrected the phrase, “the ultimate driving machine “. Starting this weekend we will see the fruits of that new approach as BMW of North American will once again embrace that old and revered tagline.

But perhaps the best line in the new spot is the one that defines what a modern BMW is; “We don’t make sports cars. We don’t make S.U.V.’s. We don’t make hybrids, and we don’t make luxury sedans. We only make one thing, the ultimate driving machine.”

You can see a preview of the first 30 second commercial at New York Times. Also look for it to air during this weekend ‘s NFL playoff games.

Source: NYT

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  • Ben


  • JonPD

    Thank god! The “Joy” campaign made me nauseous. 

  • Adam

    Cool back to where we need to be, anyone remember the commercial where they filmed the comustion cycle inside of an S65 motor? that is advertising.

  • Hell, yes. About damn time. No more poppy music, no more smiling closeups. Show the damn cars being mean driving machines and slap back Audi.

  • 03beastcharmer

    Man, they have more than debuted this commercial, it’s on at every commercial break through both of today’s games. I think I’ve seen it about 12 times already. Glad Ultimate Driving Machine is back, but this is overkill.

    Go Texans!!!!

  • Hashaba

    Where can I find the music used in this advert? It’s sweet!