2012 Commercial: The Essence of BMW

As a followup to our recent post about BMWNA reintroducing the “Ultimate Driving Machine ” tag line in commercials it appears that they are not the only one. BMW Australia recently revealed their take on the same concept.

Some of the same footage is used in the both commercials as well as the tag phrase: “We don’t make sports cars. We don’t make S.U.V.’s. We don’t make hybrids, and we don’t make luxury sedans. We only make one thing, the ultimate driving machine.” Is this a new global push or simply the same agency? We are not sure at the moment but it strikes us a bit too coincidental that two markets would be using the same line.

It is a welcomed change from more recent campaigns and it is good to see BMW as a whole returning to what essentially separated the brand from everything else.

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  • Andrew Popoola

    UDM…yep, genau.

  • Peter Brecht

    Glad BMW seems to be going back to their roots with marketing here.

    • Anonymous

      yes, but it seems disingenuous, when obviously so many of their customers clearly buy for how they think it makes them look, not how they enjoy driving, and how the company seems to be more and more catering to them, ie Michael’s sport button rant. keep the ads. deliver the cars.