Geneva Rumors: New BMW Diesel Power in the US

 NAIAS has just begun in Detroit, the press is there in full force, yet we are excited to tell you about what we expect in Geneva. The first week of March along the shores of Lake Geneva is something car fans would normally refrain from doing as per the weather but when the world ‘s best auto manufacturers are to roll out some of their finest wears auto aficianados make the trip. Mind you nothing has been made official about what is going to be shown, but we thought we would air out the laundry a bit. This year ‘s Geneva show, we ‘ve heard from varying sources, is where BMW will show its next generation of diesel engines in addition to the Gran Coupe, the M6 drop top, the X6 (X6 M as well) and 7 Series refreshes, the BMW Performance 3 Series Studie as well as a surprise guest (we are thinking X4 or MINI Space Box in prototype form).

BMW M has been teasing its monster X6 diesel (not destined in any form for US consumption) for the past several months as we ‘ve reported on and it is the biggest round in the BMW Group diesel arsenal but the oil burners aren ‘t stopping there. It makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective to have the pinnacle of BMW diesels to debut in a refreshed product and to be the halo of a new diesel family being debuted.Sources point that BMW will show several diesel powered models in Geneva with new engines.

That is fine and all but what is most interesting to us is that our source states that some of these new engines will be available stateside with tweaks for US emissions.


Indications are for the X3 to get the diesel treatment in inline six form. Our source continued on saying that the US market will be offered it as a 2013 model with a new and improved system to meet US emissions standards with revised Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Emissions Fluid (AdBlue urea injection) dosing system. The German manufacturers are said to be planning a push for more diesels into the US market and all of these power plants will make their true debut in New York but the precursors will be shown in Geneva while not necessarily in US spec form.

A new highly efficient four cylinder diesel built with similar technology will be shown and this is reportedly the engine that will be an option for the US spec X1. The X1 will be hitting the US this fall finally after years of postponement. This engine was described by the source as the former BMWNA CEO Jim O ‘Donnell ‘s personal mission (a four cylinder diesel for the US in the X1) and we hope he can see a few out on the back nine if it really makes its way to the states.

2010 BMW X1

Another interesting concept this source described was how the X1 could not be offered on its own with the diesel due to volume concerns and how at least one more vehicle needed to be brought into the fold to make it viable. This source stated the MINI Countryman was just that vehicle. We tend to believe this as our sister publication, MotoringFile, reported last year that MINI would drop a 2 liter BMW diesel engine in the Countryman and call it the “SD ” and sure enough it happened. If this rumor is factual that would mean every BMW Group Sports Activity Vehicle or Crossover would be offered with a Diesel engine, which the X5 has proved is successful in terms of sales and consumer acceptance. That would make this a great plan and great for those in the market for more torque and less consumption without sacrificing performance.

This information has not been corroborated by a second source and is the reason we are describing this as a rumor at this time.

We will keep you up to date as we here more specifics so stay tuned.

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  • Que

    Yes diesel! hope the rumours are true.  BMW you need to offer a 2L diesel on the 1,3 and X1,X3, and a 3L diesel on the 5,6,7, X5, X6, then you will have all your bases covered.

  • Joe C

    Love the BMW diesel.  As an owner of a new X5d, I’m in love with it.  Even if the economy weren’t so great, I’d love it for the power delivery.  I continue to say that the diesel is the preferred powerplant for any car or truck till you get to sports cars or very sporty coupes .  I for one ever want to have to ear a 4000 rpm downshift to gently pass another car unless it has a sport exhaust!  

  • M5stigg

    Good to hear about the diesel in the X3, any idea when the X3 is supposed to transition to the N20 in 28i guise?

  • Dusty

    X1 – Finally.  I’ve been waiting for this one, plus the diesel.  Double bonus!!  I’ll postpone my next new car just a little longer…..

  • Herr26

    The X3 will receive the diesel in order to stop the drop off of the E70 X5 as the new BMW X5 (F15) has started testing publically in Munich in which first pictures are online.

    First announcement about the X3 is expected in the Spring.  

    The X1 will bring the Four Cylinder Diesel to the US , as a first for BMW in North America.

  • Axelhernandez61

    Damn it I just bought my 335d in 07/11 tuned by RENNtech, couldnt wait for the X3 to come out since there WAS NO indication to this change. BMWA you are so F’up Im pissed!!

  • felixilef

    The problem with diesels is that they emit nanoparticles that are too small to be captured by current filtration technology … and the nanoparticles are known to cuase brain damage in children, and cancer in adults. So, although it might have lower CO2 emissions, and better consumption figures, diesel is not an environmentally friendly option. Hopefully, these things will be phased out by tighter Euro legislation in the next few years.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Please link to a recent study on this as from what info I have this is no longer a concern as the particles are no more than in a petrol engine. Also the quantity of such particles would need to be on very very high concentrations to cause those said effects- similar to “caramel”, and any “charred” food as per the CARB.

    • Joe C

      Can you post references to the “nano particles too small to be captured by current filtration technology?” The studies referenced in in the WHO article relate to diesel exhaust that existed well before the modern particulate filters in current hi tech diesels. Sounds like hyperbole to me. Guardian article puts it in same category as second hand smoke, or sunlight, or, alcohol! LOL Will Euro legislation ban sunlight and wine?

      • felixilef

        Sure … See for instance: Some research results from 2011:

        etc …

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          Lots of info that is not peer reviewed. Enjoy the reading here which contains research from peer reviewed sources with links.. Fact is that gasoline engines produce nanoparticles as well- have been declared carcinogens and is so common knowledge that people forget it. Diesel and its emissions being classified by the WHO as bad gets uniformed people with an agenda to clog the internet with nonsense. Fact is that diesels with modern particle filters, SCR and other required emissions technologies actually REDUCE the number of nanoparicles in the exhaust gas compared to the air coming in- yes they are cleaning the air as numerous indepedent peer reviewed researcher projects have shown. The research was originally designed to show that diesel produced more NPs and particles in general but when the experiments were completed they showed they reduced the particles… Hard to argue with real science that has been replicated countless times now. Also might want to check into makeups, deodorants, pasta/grains if you are concerned about NPs as those have higher concentrations that are taken into the body than sucking on a diesel tailpipe at this point.

      • felixilef

        Sure – see for instance:

        Some research results from 2011/2: * Diesel nanoparticles can damage the liver: ‪‬ * Diesel nanoparticles causes lung damage:‪‬ * Diesel nanoparticles damage your immune system:‪‬ * Diesel nanoparticles cause cell death:‪‬ * Diesel nanoparticles can cause heart attacks:‪‬ * Diesel nanoparticles causes brain deterioration (neurodegeneration)‪‬ etc …

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