BimmerCast #59: BMWNA M Head Matthew Russell Interviewed


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After a long day of interviews at the North American International Auto Show Todd and Matt caught up with BMWNA ‘s M Boss Matthew Russell with an impromptu interview that covered a range of topics. First up we talk 3 Series and the fact that the NAIAS this year is all about 3er. But then we quickly move onto the M5 and why Mr. Russell loves the X5M but thinks the M5 is hands-down the best car in the world.

Then things move onto the 1M and Todd asked the big question; will we ever see a 1M again? Mr. Russell clearly admits that M took notice of the excitement around the 1M but no promises have or will be made any time soon.

What about the US Alpina range that Russell also heads? Will we see something more than a B7 that ‘s currently in the US market? Russell would like to see some new offerings – especially something like the diesel powered D3. There ‘s also clearly more that can be done on the 5 and 6 series platform and Russell doesn ‘t want to rule anything there either. But at this time there ‘s nothing to confirm.

It ‘s a quick show but one we ‘re sure you ‘ll enjoy.

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  • Sackboy

    So refreshing to have an NA employee that is such an enthusiast, and knowledgible about the product, but still got the WHOLE  Ultimate Driving Machine thingy down-cold!  M is in good hands!  sackboy

    • Anonymous

      Love it! Matt is my hero. The thing that makes him so great is that he is passionate and genuine- rare traits in the real world. He is much like me though, he wears his heart on his sleeve and lets his opinion fly if he has to.

      He has some great products coming- love the M5 (best car for the target market ever). I’m looking forward to the M6 because that is the one M product I did not enjoy last go around; I hope to change my opinion if I can get some seat time. 


      • Adam

        Well Michael I have driven the M6 before and while I love the engine the styling and overall feel was not what I had in mind (I felt like a yuppie realestate guru) I have a feeling though that the new one is gonna be somthing all together different, I’ll say this though, Michael you may just have to find a new model to not like LOL

        • Anonymous

          I found what I do not like…. it is the COMFORT setting on ALL models. Hate it.

          • Andrew Popoola

            Non enthusiast need this, otherwise BMW is lost on them.  Who can blame BMW for wanting to sell more cars?  

            I for one am torn: I like that more people are ‘getting’ that BMWs offer a superior driving experience than the majority of cars out there, but then exclusivity is at an all time low, and its likely to get worse with the intro of ///M badged non ///M products.  

            Is a world full of bimmers a good or a bad thing? I guess it matters only if you are a poser or a true ///M or bimmer enthusiast.

            I think from here on out, only ///M cars for me.  Non ///Ms are just too common  🙂