Spied: 2014 BMW X5

Image: Carscoop.blogspot.com

The next generation X5 has begun its early rounds of testing. It is hard to distinguish much of the details thanks to BMW ‘s famous ability to pop rivet on cladding and cover with swirled wrap but one thing that is obvious is that roofline has become more sporty. This new version of the X5 will go on sale in 2013 as a 2014 model year. It will grow slightly in wheel base and length to help BMW hit new emissions targets and to assist in accommodating a slightly more comfortable (still only for children and those that are less than 5 feet tall) third row.

It is still early in development but sources point to the new 3 series fascia as a clue as to what the new face of the X5 will be- kidneys extending to the lights. The remaining lines and details will fall more towards the current X3 and X1. Based on a substantially modified version of the 5/6/7 series platform, the X5 will remain a product of South Carolina and be BMW ‘s largest “typical ” SAV offering. While it will grow in size it will lose weight just as the new 3 Series has done when compared to its predecessor.

BMW will continue to offer gas and diesel engines for the X5 but it will also be designed from the ground up this time around to accept a hybrid drivetrain and all that goes along with that (battery pack etc added electronics). Expect a full arsenal of BMW ‘s Efficient Dynamics technologies to help with fuel economy. We ‘ll keep you up to date as we hear more.

Full image gallery at Carscoop

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  • Adam

    The X5 has always been one of my favorite SUV’s (SAV’s).  I’m really interested to see what this one looks like, even though my current lifestyle wouldnt provide many uses for this type of vehicle I still have it on my list of cars to consider.

  • Frank Granados

    What a bore. Another overweight and overpriced SUV.

    • Andrew Popoola

      Overweight? Overpriced? Based on what?  I have driven both the E53 and E70.  I bought the latter and thoroughly love it.  I have driven 12 hours straight with undetectable fatigue.  The X5 is not perfect, but your comments should be reserved for the Escavalanche Tahoeburban.

      • Adam

        I was going to say somthing similar to what you said but I’ve given up fighthing with people to talk sense.