More Details on BMW\’s Newest Diesel

As we predicted last week, BMW will be updating the 2.0L diesel engine to produce more power and burn less fuel. Today Autocar confirms this with a few new details of their own. According to the British magazine, in 125d guide, the new engine will produce 218bhp (up 13) and likely a mountain of torque. 0-60 should be in the low 6s with a top speed of around 150 mph.

So why are we so excited about this? Because this could be the engine that form the basis of BMW ‘s next diesel strategy in the US. It ‘s still technically a rumor at this point but it ‘s getting juicier by the minute and this could give us a hint of what ‘s to come.

This new highly efficient four cylinder diesel will, according to our sources, form the basis of an engine that will be an option for the US spec X1. It will also likely make its way to the Countryman (detuned slightly) as the Cooper SD.

With the X5 35d selling briskly over the years BMW can no longer look the other way when it comes to the burgeoning diesel market in the US. With this new 2.0L BMW will take a huge step in gaining the premium diesel crown for the North American market. Look for more news on this later in the spring.

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  • minimalist

    229lbft of torque ()bit weak)are you sure elsewhere quoted as 450 NM which i beleive is approx 330lbft although i believe autocar also quoted lower figure 

    • Babak

      That’s right; must be a typo. The 123d had about 200hp/300lb-ft, so this must be 329.

  • RKCA1

    Well darn it. I guess I might put my new countryman S up for sale in a few years 🙁  diesel X3 was what I really wanted but settled for countryman S.

    • Anonymous

      X3 is getting the larger 6 cylinder from what I hear- same as what the X5 will get. The 3 series is not getting the diesel treatment thanks to the hybrid coming this fall. 

      • RKCA1

        That would be perfectly fine with me. I assume the diesel x3 will improve on the gas versions mpg by at least 10% maybe even 15%. I’m hoping for 24city 31highway for the diesel x3. These are just my guesses based on my hopes and wishes, nothing more.

        • Dan

          You may get better than that. The x3 35d in Europe is rated at 6.1 l/100k combined, which roughly translates into a 38 mpg US highway rating.  That’s with 313 hp and 465 ft-lb! We’ll have to see if any tuning or the exhaust treatment for the US affect those numbers though.

  • Macca

    This is not a new development. This engine has been placed in 525d for long while ago. It’s the twin-turbo 2.0L diesel, not the basis 2.0L with a single turbo (as in the 320d or 520d). And that’s right, torque figure must be a typo since it produces 450NM which is about 330lb-ft. Very nice engine, indeed!

    • Anonymous

      The 525d with the new motor was announced in November but really didn’t garner much attention. November wasn’t that long ago… heck I didn’t even know about it until this announcement.

      The new 25d engine is a four cylinder and replaces the prior 6 cylinder with more power, more efficiency and less weight. This thing rocks and if our sources are on the money it will be hitting the US this fall.