BMW M Performance Automobiles Video

It ‘s the dawn of a new age at M. Or depending on how you look at it, a return to form (a la the M535i). Either way these new diesels touched by the magic of M look and sounds fantastic. Perhaps more importantly, the numbers look extraordinary; 381 hp and 546 lb-ft from a triple turbocharged inline six. Power is driven through an eight speed automatic gearbox and put down to the pavement via a revised xDrive system. The results as impressive as expected – 0-60 should fall somewhere in the mid four second range.

But all that aside, it ‘s the engine ‘s technology that has our mouths watering.

This is BMW’s first application of a triple turbo set-up and one of the first in the automotive industry. The size, arrangement and interplay of the turbos are designed to guarantee maximum power across the power range. The system comprises two smaller and one larger turbo. According to the driving situation, the low moment of inertia of the small turbochargers is exploited to the full to deliver razor-sharp responses, while the link-up with the large turbo is maximised to generate as much charge pressure as possible.

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  • Nick Dawson

    The whole idea of a deisel-powered M-car might cause a few raised eyebrows, and the owner of a 4.4L twin turbo petrol V8 M5 might feel smug in the knowledge that a 0-60 MPH dash is three tenths of a second quicker than in a M550D. It’s a sacrifice the M550D owner will be happy to make, however, with 45mpg and the same levels of M-division chassis expertise. So rather than talking about diluting the heritage of BMW’s iconic M-division, we should embrace this new direction that broadens buyer’s options in the performance car playing field.

    • Agreed. Only wish that the US market would see them.

      • Adam

        I’ll second that, I have always advocated diesels.  Friends of mine who were here from Italy wanted to get cars so they could drive around while they stay here and they asked what diesels we have and basically you can count them on one hand, it’d be pretty nice to be able to say we have these too.  I heard though that we will get some M performance cars (135i, possibly the 6er) What I wonder is, what will they do for the US when it comes to the 5er and the other ones we see in the video, or wont we get anything like them at all.

        • Babak

          I wouldn’t be shocked if we see nothing at all. They might do something like the M Performance Package on the X6, which is M-Sport + a power bump. But I don’t think it would make sense to make an M550i, because it’d be too close to the M5… the M550d being diesel makes the car’s characteristics much different, even if the performance numbers are similar.

          • Adam

            Actually the new X6 LCI gets a power bump with the M sport kit, I think its 20hp in the 35i and 40hp in the 50i.  Maybe the trend will continue? It’ll be interesting to see what they do.

          • That’s a first for the M Sport kit I believe.