Video: Highly Automated Driving Mode

BMW continues to research “highly automated ” driving. This video shows how far they ‘ve come and what the future holds. How do you feel about the car ‘s electronics taking over under certain conditions? We ‘d love to hear in the comments section!

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  • Bmw

    On a positive note: It’s great to see how technology will sculpt our future. On a negative note: it’s sad too see how disengaged the drivers are becoming with the automatic transmissions being more and more popular and so forth…And this technology is the ultimate disengagement…Not driving!

  • Adam

    “its all rubbish, cars that drive themselves were invented ages ago… they’re called taxi’s” – James May

  • Que

    I think this is a great step fwd. Imagine going to work n back in traffic, let the car drive, once it opens up, take over. Saw this a couple of yrs ago on UK top gear on their test track in a E90. Was impressed then n now. Glad to see it is still something being worked on n refined for future use