M.I.A Bad Girls Video Featuring Drifting a E36 & E46

We love vintage BMWs but this is a different breed. Still it ‘s worth a link and mention since it ‘ll likely be a part of our cultural consciousness in 2012. The Sri Lankan born pop star released her latest video, Bad Girls on Youtube a few days ago featuring that ridiculous straight-line drifting thing that we ‘ve seen elsewhere on Youtube. No it ‘s not our idea of the best use of even a ratty E36, but we have to admit the driving in the video as a whole is pretty compelling.

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  • sackboy

    Is it just me, or is the prettiest thing in that ENTIRE video, the HORSE ??    What a buncha crap! Hey guys- leave this stuff to the mush-brains!  Much rather go drive my 1 M   !!!!!!   sackboy

  • Adam

    So I take it that this is the Sri Lanken version of putting big chrome wheels on cars then? “throw some D’s on it” ?