BMW M6 Full Specifications (EU)

New M cars don ‘t get introduced very often. They don ‘t even happen every year. Yet today we ‘re treated to the debut of two of them in the 3rd generation M6 coupe and convertible. With it comes that wonderful feeling of laying your eyes on a new M car (even virtually) for the first time. And perhaps even better, taking a look at the full specifications. So with that said, we present you a first look at the 3rd generation BMW M6 by the numbers.

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BMW M6 EU Specifications (1 mb)

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  • Adam

    Well true to their word they did lighten it, its about 200lbs give or take lighter than the standard 6er.  Regardless of that this thing is gonna be incredible, I just couldnt think of buying a big coupe and skip this one. 

    • Comparing published official EU weights the M6 is actually 176 lbs heavier than the 650i. Which generally makes sense given the enormous amount of added and beefed up mechanical on the M6 versus even the 650i.

      • Adam

        Well then Gabe I have no idea what I was looking at, but i’ll admit my mistake, as it would turn out I had it completely backwards.  But atleast its lighter than the M5, although the last one was about 3971lbs if I remember correctly.

      • Anonymous

        I have different numbers… Coupe

        M6 DIN/EU 1850/1925

        650i DIN/EU 1650/1725

        Taken from official spec sheets. 200kg difference but packaging is likely not the same. Your 176lbs sounds better than my 440lbs.

  • It is definitive symbol of sophistication, the BMW M6 stands out with generous interior space for up to five people wrapped in stylish exterior sheet metal.