BMW M6 Ceramic Brakes In Detail

It ‘s been a long-time coming but BMW has finally entered the fray when it comes to ceramic brakes. So why the wait? BMW was determined to side-step some of the issues that other manufactures (notably Lamborghini and Audi) have had with their similar systems. This is reportedly due to a new type of carbon-fiber ceramic material.Until we drive the car equipped with the carbon ceramic disks we won ‘t be able to verify. But what we can tell you are the rather impressive specifications.

The ceramic set-up weighs a full 43 lbs less than the standard steel set-up. Additionally, the diameter of the inner-vented and perforated brake disks is 400 millimetres at the front and 396 millimetres at the rear. The six-piston fixed-calliper brakes at the front axle – painted Gold metallic and complete with the M logo – are radially bolted to the pivot bearing.

The M carbon-ceramic brakes are 19.4 kg (42.8 lb) lighter than the standard-fitted items, yet the innovative material also displays exceptional resistance to wear, and the operating life of the discs is many times that of conventional equivalents.

The optional M carbon-ceramic system also sees six-piston fixed-calliper brakes at the front teaming up with single-piston floating-calliper brakes at the rear. The callipers can be identified by their special gold-colored paint finish.

What ‘s next for M ‘s new ceramic stoppers? Don ‘t be surprised to see them show-up on the M5 and M6 Gran Coupe option sheets.

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  • Adam

    I’m loving this.  I would really like to know if the US will even see these, as Americans havent yet come to grips with how to use these brakes properly.  I have heard many a Ferrari owner complain that after a highway blast out of Chicago they will slam on the brakes and not much happens immediatly.  Maybe a drive on the Eisenhower near the Manhiem Road at rush hour (my fellow Chicagoans will know what I’m talking about) will solve that issue.  That bumper to bumper parking lot will warm your brakes right up and the sqealing will drive you so mad floor it once traffic clears.  Sorry, Chicago based rant here.

  • Tom

    someone needs to learn how to copy and paste from the press release.  you describe the color of the ceramic brakes as being dark blue in one paragraph and gold in the next.  the ceramic brakes will have gold calipers while the standard iron brakes will have dark blue calipers.  there, i fixed it for you. 

    regardless of the color of the calipers, i really hope BMW’s version lives up to their claims.  i’ve driven an R8 equipped with the ceramic brakes and wasn’t impressed with the feel (or lack thereof), especially at lower speeds.

    • Anonymous

      Tom- I just reviewed the post and made the color correction. The calipers are identical between the stock system and the CF system aside from the color.

      The CF brakes require 20″ wheels and I am trying to sort out why- I believe it is due to a different offset because of the CF rotor design. 

      • Macca

        I would say that CF discs don’t fit into a 19″ wheel. Aren’t they larger in diameter compared to the steel discs?

        • Adam

          by 10mm yes.  But also they are a bit thicker and have a different hub.