(Updated) BMW M Performance Accessories at Geneva Motor Show

(Updated with more photos) BMW and M have created a new line of accessories to help individuals customize their cars. Looks to be mainly a naming change in our eyes, BMW Performance has now gained a letter M to help move more product. As in the past, all the accessories are of the highest quality and designed from the beginning to fit and function properly. Warranty issues will not apply like going aftermarket and in the flesh these accessories should look spectacular as they have in the past. We have always been huge fans of the BMW Performance line, especially the engineering work and we are sure things will continue on that path, even if the M logo is now splashed about a bit more.

Gallery after the jump.

Premiere: BMW M Performance Parts and Original BMW Accessories

The 2012 Geneva Auto Show marks the premiere of a range of Original BMW Accessories developed to customize and enhance the look and feel of the new 3 Series Sedan. Exterior offerings range from unique 20 inch wheels to a fitted indoor/outdoor car cover. The new 3 Series Sedan interior can be customized in keeping with the new Sport, Modern or Luxury Lines with items such as high quality all weather floor mats, color matched emergency brake handle, key fobs, rear storage and backrest bags. For longer trips a lockable roof box, or a snowboard holder is also available. Original BMW Accessories can be purchased through any authorized BMW Center.

The Geneva show also marks the premiere of new a accessory division for BMW vehicles: BMW M Performance Parts. BMW M Performance Parts are designed in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH and include powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit components that provide a tangible increase in driving dynamics by enhancing engine power, reducing weight and optimizing aerodynamic properties. The initial BMW M Performance products have been specially developed for the BMW 5 Series Sedan, the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and the new 1 Series (5-door model). The products include black kidney grills, M Performance exhaust systems, carbon fiber front splitters and an M Performance steering. The BMW M Performance Parts will roll out in the USA beginning this summer. BMW M Performance Parts may be purchased and installed through authorized BMW Centers.

Full Gallery

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  • That white BMW F30 is awesome with those black stripes. It’s simply phenomenal.

  • Mark

    Geez, it seems like the differences between MINI and BMW keeps getting blurred with every accessory or stripe I see introduced.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    The steering wheel is awesome. It sets the tone of the entire enterior.

  • Andrew Popoola

    BMW is such a champion of the obvious.  How long have enthusiast been desiring exactly what we are being presented with right here? YEARS!!  Yes, I know factory accessorizing is nothing new, but what car maker right now offers this level of factory equipment?  Some other Germans may come close, but nothing this detailed.   So if I couldn’t afford an M car and I want to tastefully modify my car without voiding my warranty, I finally have an answer worth being proud of showing off.

    Hats off, BMW.  The F10 is very sexy.  Can’t wait to see it in other colors.

  • rp

    ugh, so tacky.