The Z4 GT3 – BMW\’s Other Race Car

The M3 gets all the press but in our minds, it ‘s the Z4 GT3 that ‘s the best looking race car in BMW ‘s line-up. And the best part? You can buy one yourself. All you need 315,000 Euro (plus VAT) and a racetrack.

Video and spec sheet after the break.

The videos may be old but we just can ‘t pass up a chance to have them on the site again after being reminded by

Full BMW Specifications (PDF)

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  • Philiphubs

    Mmmhhh. So good. The sound this makes when it flies by is even better.

  • JonPD

    Still sad that BMW does not bring out a Z4M GT3 for the street.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, what happened to the rumor that there would be a new Z4M Coupe during the coming M3 hiatus?

      • Anonymous

        The previous regime may have worked at at that and it was hinted at by many. It is looking more and more like this will be BMWs last season in ALMS with DTM expected stateside next year.

  • The street Z4 doesn’t do much for me but in race form it’s gorgeous.

  • Chris Woolman

    As good as it looks, it sounds even better. Awesome!!!