Controversial New 3 Series Ads?

We ‘ve talked about the new advertisements from BMW and how they were to be more along the lines of what we love, “The Ultimate Driving Machine “. We were tipped by a reader to one of BMW ‘s new page takeovers for the 3 Series, ESPN.

The new ad flashes on the screen once entering ESPN showing the car ‘s headlights then offers the viewer to lift and see the centerfold. The page that is displayed uses the phrase “Full Frontal “, “Bust “, “Backside “, “Turn Ons ” and “Turn Offs ” to describe the car and have the viewer interact with the page. To some this is a little much, not for being risqué but for BMW to use such tactics as the brand in the US has always been above that and taken the high road.

With campaigns like this it is a wonder if BMW is still standing for, sporty luxury and elegance or just trying to sell the most cars. We are not really sure what to think but the reader that sent this in was a bit dumbfounded that BMW would stoop to such levels- this is something Fiat is doing trying to sell the 500 Abarth as they said.

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  • Brian

    Not that its risqué, just, why would BMW lower its prestige like that. Its like your trying to sell a corolla.

    • BowToGrammarKing

      You restated the point of the article without adding anything but the misuse of the word “your”. (FYI, if you can say “you are” in a sentence, then use “you’re”.  You’re welcome.)

      • Brian

         Go fcuk your self…. correct that.

      • Brian

         Thanks for showing all of us how lonely you are.

  • Diego

    Doesn’t help the dbag image a lot of people have of BMW drivers that’s for sure.  It’s not particularly cheeky or in keeping with a sexy/playful image like MINI’s advertising or IMO the Abarth commercial.

  • Leifaw

    Wow.  That’s really lame.

  • Jpstepancic

    Sorry but I fail to see what’s wrong with this ad. I really see nothing wrong with it. I don’t get how people today can get so bent out of shape over something like this. Are people really comparing a car to a model/ porn star? Seriously people, grow up. It’s just a funny play on words. An ad is meant to get people talking. Judging by this article, I’d say it succeeded.

    • JSmith

      I didn’t find it funny, I find it like the “Joy” campaign which had lots of people talking and was a complete failure from an advertising perspective just not what BMW is about. If you read what people and the post said it is not the risqué nature, the Abarth ad is much more in that line and that makes sense for that product but for the 3 Series? Come on, the car shouldn’t need that form of ad campaign or should it? That is what this is about, not people getting hung up on the innuendo. The 3 Series needs a windy road and “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and that is it.

    • I’m with you. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. People see controversy where they want too.

  • Gjrpa1

    I know, most of us old school BMW enthusiasts would love a return to the sober, serious ads of the ’70s and ’80s, but unfortunately those days aren’t coming back. Take a look at all the sensationalism and stupidity in ads these days. For example, the Super Bowl commercials are basically a contest to see which manufacturer can shock or leave the viewer in a fit of silly laughter. It’s the way our society has been heading for a while now. Here’s a nostalgic print ad for those of us born in the early ’70s… luckily we can relive those days through the web, ebay, etc…

  • Jason Parry

    what does bust have to do with the car? are the kidney grilles boobs? this is stooping pretty low. Like Dodge low.

  • JonPD

    Was not a very good advertisement to me, rather lacks for the brand image they have crafted to date. So have to say though Micheal think we need to relabel BMW for being sporty luxury and reverse that to luxury sporty as BMW stands more for luxury than it does sport these days to me.

    • sackboy

      Go drive a 1M or new M5 before you say that!   sackboy

      • JonPD

         Just got the happiness of driving a GT-R for a day, A friend tossed me the keys while he was out of town. Only asked that I don’t pile it up.  Would take it long before anything from BMW at this point. Not nearly a luxurious but light years better than anything I have ever driven. Don’t get me wrong the 1M and M5 are good cars they are just focused much more on the luxury than sport.

        • Anonymous

          See for me the GTR may be fast but it has no feel and is more like playing a video game than driving. I do agree the M cars are becoming increasingly more luxurious.

          • Adam

            Well I agree about the GTR, as soon as I found out it was paddle shift only, and made almost no noise what so ever I was pretty much turned off, dont get me wrong, if i see one on the street I’ll still stop and chat with the owner but I am not so much a GTR lover anymore, now the R34 from the 99-02 era… oh yeah!  As for the M’s becoming more luxurious…. well I agree and while I would leave most of the standard equipment on the options list I’m not sure many others would.  That in of itself maybe why they are more luxurious now than they were a couple generations ago. 

          • Anonymous

            Agree completely. The best happy medium to me is the Porsche GT3, a buddy of mine has one and if I didn’t necessitate seating for more than two, that would be my ideal package. No compromise sport with FEEL and just the right amount of luxury, but then we would need PCarFile and that just sounds stupid!

          • JonPD

            Agreed the Porsche GT3 is a awesome car . Before lambasting the GTR would have to say you should have some time behind the wheel. I also shared the feeling the car was way to little feel. I can say happily after driving itI had no idea anything could feel that way. It makes everything feel I’ve ever drive old and slow. Its feel through the corners feels like a AWD car normally does but the grip is out of this world. Yes there is a wall of technology in the car but then again as Clarkson loves pointing out BMW is not guilt free.  For the GTR read Chris Harris’s recent M% vs GTR article. His feeling about the GTR matches feeling I had after my all to brief exposure.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve driven the GTR on several occasions and have a good feel for the drive. It is fast and pulls like crazy in corners but it is not a drivers car- it is a video game that makes people think they can drive.

          • JonPD

             Completely disagree on that Michael. While I enjoy the various ///M cars I have been able to play with over the years they all feel like sedated sporty cars in comparison. Basically same money between the M5 and the GTR and for me the extra weight ///M’s carry of luxury haunts the car on its performance. The GTR feels incredibly visceral and is light years ahead of ///M when it comes to the sport side. Give it a decade or more and I will lay money that the GTR will hold a special place with collectors over any ///M product.

          • sackboy

            Well- go buy one!  We will just be happy with our 1M, E36M3 Canadian[of course-no special for collectors, there!], and the NEW M5 ! Come on JPD! Name ANYthing with 4 COMFORTABLE seats like the above mentioned BMW`s !!! Like Michael- if only TWO seats- well- that opens up a whole different ballgame! sackboy

          • JonPD

            As I said, BMW are about comfort and luxury well ahead of sport.