Spied: M6 Gran Coupe

It should come as as no surprise that since the series version of the Gran Coupe has been revealed, the M version is now out winter testing. The spies over at CarScoop have snagged some photos of the four door coupe in the white stuff. Rumored to be BMW M ‘s most powerful and luxurious offering the M6 Gran Coupe will future the S63tü engine as found in the M5 and M6 but with a slight up tune in the neighborhood of 25 hp totaling 585hp. The Gran Coupe M version will have a carbon fiber roof with similar contours as the recently unveiled M6 Coupe as well as being only offered with the 7 speed Getrag DCT. Sources point to a fall preview and possible Spring 2013 launch. More photos at CarScoop.

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  • Andrew Popoola

    As suspected an M6 Gran Coupe is being built.  I guess the M5 is no longer the halo car in BMW’s line-up.  This car would be more desirable than the M5 for sure.

    Call me crazy, but I think BMW is simply playing catch-up in the game they essentially invented.

    Why no M7? Makes no sense to me.  Mercedes Benz has been VERY successful not only with the S55/S63 but also an S65.  BMW could use an M7 and L7.  L7=long wheel base, tin turbo V12 (bigger turbos than 760) and ultra exclusive features.  M7=short wheel base only, same engine in this GC.  The Alpina B7 is proof there is room for these, and I would keep it in the line-up too.  You never know, Mercedes might start officially selling Brabus S classes!

    M6 GC will take on the CLS63 AMG, and the bimmer is the clear winner here.  More beauty and pure grace, effortless elegance and power.  

    What else is missing?

    True halo car.  the M1 Homage is perfect for this role.  Mercedes has done this twice over with the McLaren SR and now the SLS.  Make it exclusive, make it stupid fast.

    CL class fighters…but the new 6ers are large enough to compete well in this category.  I would have brought back the 8 series and kept the 6 about the same size as the previous generation.  Now BMW has nothing to compete with the E class coupe which is a great looking car.

    SL class fighter.  I thought with the advent of the Z8, BMW would continue to build a pure roadster that is larger than the Z3/4 and more powerful.  The SL is nothing but a playboy’s toy, and Munich’s lack of answers is upsetting.  That said, I would rather have a Z8 than any iteration of the SL.

    I do think there is room for a Z6…a 2 seat shooting brake that pays homage to the original M coupe but more stretched out like the Wiesmann GT seen here: http://luxuryword.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/14.jpg

    Alright, I crushed that soap box.