BWM M Releases Performance Parts Catalogue

BMW M has finally released the full catalogue of M Performance parts. The catalogue takes the existing line (with parts that fit all M cars) and adds to it with accessories for the F20 and F30. For those with an M car or simply an F30, it ‘s well worth a read (and a bit of drooling).

(Full PDF after the release)

BMW M Performance Parts Catalogue (PDF)

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  • Adam

    Quite the range.  They really are getting more into it now that the Performance part range has been around a few years now.

  • Mike Scolerizo

    Great coverage from Geneva. 

    • Anonymous

      I spent 20 hours in the car to cover Geneva. Pictures will be up as soon as I can. Did you make it to the show because we’d love your coverage as well. Ever driven through the entire country of Switzerland in an all night dash to get to a car show then drive home to Germnay directly after the show closed because you couldnt get more time away from your regular commitments. Thanks for the help and understanding especially since the wifi at the venue had serious issues and a Swiss sim card for data would have cost a boat load of money. I love how people are quick to judge- especially when only 10 US media outlets were at the show total.

      • Mike Scolerizo

         So defensive…relax dude. And great to see you break bread with Reithofer