BMW M Performance Parts: The Development

The BMW Performance parts have been something of a mystery for years. They came out initially without that magical M logo attached to them yet seemed to be tied tightly to the brand. Now with the second generation of the performance parts BMW blatantly branding them as M parts. But the secret that we ‘ve mentioned here before at BF is that BMW Performance have always been designed and developed in conjunction with M.

Now that it ‘s out in the open, M can finally tell the story behind the components; where the inspiration came from and how they were created.

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  • Andrew Popoola

    This video is proof that BMW has got the in-house know-how for engine/exhaust sound tuning.  So why oh why did they resort to fake sound for the F10 M5?  Anyhoo, I would still take one/buy one when time and money permits.

  • The German translation is horrible.  It takes the personal passion of these guys and reduces it to dry PowerPoint like bullets.  Too bad…