Video: 2014 M3 Spied

It is looking wide and aggressive. BMW M is said to be employing the concept of reusing proven components in the M3, meaning M5 rear and differential and is why these fenders look flared a good deal.

Sources point us towards a worked N55 inline six using e-turbo technology being board approved for production while others still are saying M wants the V6 turbo and is not backing down and continues to develop the motor based off the S63tü found in the M5. With a fair amount of time left before production commences it is anyone ‘s guess as to what is under the hood but a 7 speed DCT will be doing the shifting.

Video: World Car Fans via Youtube

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  • JonPD

    Should be interesting to see the final build though the E90 with that incredible sound will be missed.

  • Andrew Popoola

    That looks positively hot! 

    • Anonymous

      I can assure you that is not what it will look like…. the chrome is not going to be there 🙂

      • Andrew Popoola

        I have seen a few renders and I would like the chrome side grill.  Many F10 M5 owners are dechroming their beasts, but I like it, though it has close ties to the Kia, Ford and Cadillac.

  • I don’t think a V6 will be used. Based on the R&D that BMW has been doing, most probably the inline-6 will be built from scratch and modified to carry turbo-chargers that need to meet certain standards.

    • Andrew Popoola

      Building an inline from scratch sounds unnecessarily expensive, especially considering the N55 with bigger/better turbos would easily produce 450hp.  A tri-turbo would be my bet.

  • Phil

    They had better NOT put a V6 in it!! Whomever at M thinks this is the way to go should be fired post haste!

  • Juliansorl

    I know this probably sounds crazy but I would love to see an M3 Station Wagon!

    • Adam

      Well they said its under consideration, so keep the hope alive.

    • Andrew Popoola

      Not crazy at all, I think it would be fantastic!

  • Julie

    Thanks for posting this video I have not seen elsewhere. She continues to look terrific.