BimmerCast #61: Interview with Head of BMW Exterior Design Karim Habib


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While at the Geneva Motor Show Michael had a moment to catch-up with Karim Habib, head of Exterior Design at BMW. It ‘s a casual conversation that was held spur of the moment on the showroom floor at during the press day. That means (the good) it ‘s the the kind of off the cuff conversation that we rarely get to hear in the automotive press. Exactly the kind of thing we love to bring you here at BF. The bad is that the quality is a little spotty. Specifically Karim can be a little hard to hear towards the end of the recording.

Yet we couldn ‘t pass up posting on BF as it ‘s a great example of the kind of fascinating conversations we get to have at these kind of events. Conversations we often can ‘t bring you.

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  • Jason Parry

    and then you don’t pick it up right in the middle of the conversation but have 10 minutes of a stupid crappy song playing really loud?

    • It’s about 12-15 seconds… our normal break between intro and the start of the show.