BMW X3 28i Officially the Most Efficient Vehicle in its Class for the US Market

It hasn ‘t been officially released yet but The US Government has the full details on its site. The X3 equipped with the 2.0L four cylinder N20 engine achieved 21 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. The all important combined figure is 24 mpg – besting all other premium mid-size cross-overs.

With this news our thoughts turn to the recently announced N20 equipped X1 28i and how much higher it will go. Could it break into the 30s on the highway? We ‘d guess yes.

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  • Dan

    What’s somewhat interesting is that in the EU fuel consumption ratings, the X1 xdrive28i gets worse mileage than the X3 xdrive28i, 7.9 l/100k for the X1 vs. 7.5 for the X3, both combined ratings and both with the 8 speed auto.  The X3 weighs some 300 lbs more and has a slightly higher drag coefficient, so it is a bit odd.  My only guess is that the EU rating for the X3 is a bit too optimistic.  If you look at any E90, F30, F10, even the E70 X5, the combined EU rating is almost always within 1 mpg from the US highway rating…  The N20 X3 is the lone exception to this, with the EU rating suggesting 31 mpg US.

    Assuming the X1 follows the general trend and not the exception, the xdrive28i would get about 30 mpg highway.  For the sdrive28i, if we figure between 7 and 9% more efficient than xdrive based on the other X1’s offered in both configurations, it would be around 32 mpg highway.  Which would slot it just below the F30 as you’d expect.

  • Steve

    I don’t understand the hype.  I drive an X5 diesel and average 24 mpg city and country.  If BMW is serious about efficiency they would offer an efficient cylinder diesel for the X3.  It would get in the mid to hogh 30’s.