Spy Video: 2013 BMW M135i

The new line of BMW M Performance automobiles will fill a market void. Its products will slate in between the base BMW model and M model. The lineup will also address niches that M has not explored before; such as diesel.

The M135i 3 door hatch based on the soon to be released F21 chassis will be the first M Performance gas powered model. To relate to US models think of the M Performance Automobiles as M developed “IS ” cars. The M135i will see suspension upgrades in addition to more ponies under the hood- 320 of them as sources have said. The exhaust note on these cars also is tuned and based upon the M Performance line of accessories.

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  • lavardera

    the fact that BMW does not think it can sell the hatchback 1 series here in the US worries me that they really don’t know who their customers might be and what their customers might like. That was a polite way of saying that they might have their heads up their ass.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Love it!

    • HeelToe

      Agree. The fact that I own an a3 s-line in addition to my 2 3-series is a testament to the miss on their part. Of course I don’t think Audi moves a lot of a3s in the states so maybe I’m wrong.

      Btw, you can see that the m135 has dual exhaust which is not available on the coupe in the us even with the performance exhaust.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        We have an A3 as well bc BMW doesn’t offer anything in that class. As for the dual exhaust- it is the new F21 style so it is a complete redesign from the current coupe. The new coupe is rumored to take on the “2” moniker when it gets its redesign.

  • I think BMW is right about hatches not selling in the US.  Even Audi is discontinuing the A3 hatchback – only a sedan will be offered in the next generation A3 in the US (the rest of the world gets the hatch).   I would love a 1er/A3 sized hatchback.  I ended up with a Mazda 3 hatch, and a BMW 3 series hatchback (aka touring or wagon), and look how popular those are (not!)  At least it’s exclusive.    What is ironic is that BMW says hatches don’t sell in the US, and then bring over the 5series hatch (aka 5GT) and wonder why it doesn’t sell.

    • plugboots

      I just ordered a Golf R, but would have liked an AWD 1 series hatch.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        The new F20 is leaps and bounds better than the previous model. I drive one for three months and it was a huge disappointment from a fit/finish and interior space/comfort. The new car is sensatinal in every way. I can only imagine it in 320hp form… 


    I think there would be a market in the US. I have a JCW MINI COOPER and see the M135i hatch as something I’d consider in the future.


  • Disposemail

    To me the hatch looks awful, just awful. I love my 2012 128i and when lease is up will either buy, look at the new 135i coupe or even the 128i coupe and chip the turbo 4 to get some current 135i power!

  • Disposemail

    So where did the article on the 2 series go?…I just read it today on here and now its gone!