Official US Frozen Paint Maintenance Guide

BMW ‘s introduction of matte paint finished (marketed as “Frozen ” by BMW) has brought about a number of concerns around how to properly care for the paint ‘s finish. So BMW has created a video that discusses the simple procedures for cleaning Frozen paint. Simple? According to BMW you only need two products:

  • BMW Automotive Shampoo
  • BMW Inspect Remover

Check out the video and what you can ‘t use after the break.

You can ‘t use:

  • • micro fiber cloth
  • • wax
  • • sealant
  • • final inspection cleaner used by dealers
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  • Que

    that was easy

  • I would never buy or like frozen colors. Nothing beats shiny cars.

  • Natextr

    I guess time will tell. I’d be curious how good these look in six years…

  • Ciaoboy

    Is it Inspect Remover or Insect Remover?