BMW\’s i8 Spyder Concept and the 3er Li Debut in Beijing

BMW took the wraps off of the i8 Spyder concept along with the production version of the long wheelbase 3 Series. The i8 Spyder concept also marks the debut of BMW ‘s eDrive nomenclature which will identify the drive technology for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars from BMW i.

BMW eDrive comprises the components of the electric drivetrain: the electric motor developed in-house by BMW, the lithium-ion battery, and finally the intelligent motor management system. One of the hallmarks of this technology will be that full torque of the electric motor will be available from a standing start and the acceleration unfolds continuously until the top speed is attained. The lithium-ion battery cells and the intelligent motor management system also offer a substantial increase in range and power for the vehicle.

The 3 Series Li (exclusive to China) is a bit more simple. As in it ‘s a longer 3 Series. The extra length is placed solely in the rear compartment area for increase legroom. Something very desirable for the Chinese market where many owners are chauffeured.

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