BMW USA Releases Official M5 Ordering Guide

The M5 ordering guide is finally out. It feels as if it ‘s been forever since the car debuted and hit the show stands. But until now we ‘ve not had the official ordering guide for the US market complete with options and pricing.

Check it out after the break. And yes, this means that the configurator is on its way.

Official BMW USA M5 Ordering Guide (PDF)

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  • Adam

    Good to see that the ceramic brakes are below 10K.  What I’m wondering though is if say I were to pick up an F10 a few years down the road that did not come with ceramics could I buy the parts afterward and have them installed? I wonder because on my G35 I wanted the factory Brembo’s but it would require everything from the fluid resevior down to the hubs.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      The front disks are larger in size meaning that the calipers while the same internally would require different mounting. The rest of the system is identical as we’ve been told. Same fluid, booster etc. The CF brakes require the 20″ wheels making the “package” $10k.

  • Guest

     And yes, this means that the configurator is on it’s way.

    The configurator is on it is way? Try again.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Considering the configuration went up two days later….you may want to reconsider your comment?