BMW M135i Three & Five Door: Full Specifications

The M135i is the M Performance car we ‘ve been waiting for. Sure it ‘s not coming to the US, but it signals what M has planned both for the upcoming M235i coupe and convertible as well as the M335i. And now we have the specs. Download the official PDF after the break.

Specifications: BMW 1 Series 5door M135i (Page 1-2: 5 door / Pages 3-4: 3 door)

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  • jppd

    The new BMW I Series, including this M135i is among the ugliest vehicles being built today

    • Hoq1

      Lemme guess… You’re an E46 fan? Because I sure am! I don’t particularly love the current designed Bimmers but at least the Bangle-themed vehicles each look distinctive while the last series essentially looked the same across the board (the 3, 5, 7 all seemed to have the same front end… At least from a distance). Besides, design evolution is necessary for the health of the brand (Ferrari for instance), or it will just stagnate (cough cough Morgan)

    • goat

      I really like the second generation hatch for what it represents (a “practical” hatch like the all-too-common VW GTI) that is emphatically NOT a FailWD vehicle. 

      But styling-wise, I am none too enamored with the “pig in Angry Birds” headlights or the very weak/withered rear-end styling. The basics are there for a great driving car though, and I expect the LCI will fix the styling.

  • CCBiggs

    The 1 Series looks a lot better in person than in photos.  I’m serious!