Chris Harris Drives the E28 M5

For the daily reader, you ‘ll know we had our own review of the famous M car last August. Our conclusion? While it lacks some of the immediate performance pleasure of today ‘s M cars, the purity offered through the steering wheel and chassis are almost unmatched by any four door since.

Or to put it another way. A year ago I sold my own E28 and I miss it every day. But what does Harris of his E28? Find out after the break.

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  • Joe C

    An amazing guy, Chris.  He conveys the passion for cars so beautifully. Nice, thoughtful, articulate, emotional review.  

  • Erik Rutberg

    These e28 ///M5 reviews come out every year a few days after I start driving mine.  His comments were the same thoughts I’ve had going through my head the past 2 days of driving mine, I just couldn’t say them as well.

    Wife’s Countryman had to be towed the other day (thermostat), so I left her with my MINI GP and broke out my 70k M5, even though it’s been raining.  So much fun to slide the tail around with no electronics to get in the way.  It is from a different era, even the e34 feels modern, while this seems vintage in a good way.  By the numbers this car doesn’t make much sense anymore, but by the seat of the pants there is still nothing like it, and once it’s moving I can still blow past almost anything on the highway.  With just a chip, cam gear and exhaust it’s over 300hp, and without the self-leveling suspension, replaced at Dinan with a stage 3 suspension, is under 3000 lbs.  BTW I live and bought the car near Philadelphia with 36k 13 years ago, and did the most sensible thing you can do with a low mileage classic.  Drove it to California a month later, for the stop at Dinan while I was on the way to the Monterey Historics and Pebble Beach.

  • Is that the wheel center coming off at 4:45 ? Great car Chris.