BMW Zagato Coupe Gallery

Full Gallery

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  • lavardera

    There you go. Everything the 6 Series should have been. Now I don’t like it even more.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Don’t like the 6er or this? 

      I am huge fan up until they went all CRX on the rear. I’m not sure if they were trying to be more modern in looks or feared it would be too similar to some of the other Italian offerings. There is only so many ways to make a high speed GT cars rear…

      • lavardera

        I mean the Zagato car makes me dislike the 6 series even more. I’ve posted regularly that the 6 series does not look aggressive enough – but since you don’t remember apparently I’ve not posted it enough!

        I don’t think the Zagato is perfect, but it has that aggressive look that I think is greatly lacking in the 6. I do think the 4dr 6 is very handsome however, but the 6 would have been better like a larger version of this Zagato car. 

      • lavardera

        I’m not seeing the CRX in the rear, aside from the black. But more so I’m seeing some of what looks like the confusion at the rear of Lotus Elise. Not the same lines, but the same confusion.

        To me its the weakest link in this design. I think simpler and cleaner would have been better here.