Earlier this year we sat down with the Head of Design for BMW, Karim Habib. Karim is a charismatic individual with a great passion for cars and a great sense of humor. During our conversation, Mr. Habib asked us if we ‘d be attending the Concorso D ‘Eleganza Villa D ‘Este. He said it would be worth our trip this year and that we may be surprised to see what BMW will have to offer.

Reading between the lines it sounded like a new concept would be shown. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts (I really can ‘t be away from home for an entire month!) we are not attending the event. Above we have the first look at what we believe will be shown at Villa D ‘Este- it appears to be in the Z-Line and by the detail work we can only guess that it is a higher end roadster that includes possible collaboration with ZAGATO. Tonight BMW will reveal more images so stay tuned.