Video Preview: Next Generation iDrive with Touch Pad

BMW recently introduced a refreshed graphic user interface and more processing power to iDrive with the Life Cycle Impulse of the 2013 7 Series. The graphics are more three dimensional and the system is much snappier thanks to the new hardware. BMW continues to improve the system along with its suppliers and a more advanced product is not all that far off.

Rumored to make its debut in the next generation X5 (as shown in the above photo) BMW will utilize a new centrally located iDrive knob featuring a touch pad. The touch pad will allow scrolling and movement of the cursor as it would on a laptop.

Video after the break.

Preh inc. has been the supplier of Human Machine Interfaces for iDrive, Audi ‘s MMI, and other brands for many years. They continue to develop cutting edge products and push the envelope of in car technology. The graphics and onscreen systems in the video are just for demonstration purposes and in no way tip what BMW will have in the final product. This provides a glimpse as to what is coming and how we will be interacting with vehicles.

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  • Adam

    IDK bout this, at least with the traditional set up you can tell somewhat what you are doing by the direction you move the controller, this is gonna kinda render that sense useless.  I can just see myself endlessly jabbing at the touch screen in frear of taking my eyes off the road to see the screen.