BimmerCast #63: Untold Story of the E92 CSL & M5 CSL (Plus; M550d, M3 Electric Steering & Toyota?)


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The BimmerCast is back this week with lots of M talk. First up the M6 and M3 CRT first impressions. We had a chance to drive both recently and we give you some insight into why both are exceptional (and surprisingly related). But why is the CRT not the CSL? We have the untold story we ‘ve never fully brought to you before about both the scrapped E92 M3 CSL and the second generation V10 M5 that never saw the light of day except for the one-off M5 CSL.

Then we move onto the M550d and how it redefines diesel performance. Michael had one for a couple weeks in the Alps and talks about day to day performance and efficiency. Then finally (before moving away from M) we talk about the news that the next generation (F80) M3 will indeed have electric steering rather than the standard hydraulic rack that ‘s been in mainstay of M cars for years. What does it mean for the car and what hurdles will m have to overcome? We discuss all.

Done with M we dive into the Toyota and BMW partnership. What does it mean for both companies and will it really lead to a new sports car co-developed by the two companies?

Finally we move onto the upcoming front wheel drive BMW. The car based on the UKL platform and sharing most of it ‘s basic components with the MINI. The first glimpse will be a lightly disguised concept car that will debut in Paris this September. What does this tell us about both the new BMW and MINI ranges? Either click play above or head over to iTunes (via the link above) to subscribe to the BimmerCast.

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  • Joe C

    Horrendous audio quality on this one, guys. Volume of both Gabe and Michael varied quite abit. Once comment nearly blasted my ear off. The sound marred what was, as usual, very interesting content. Michael’s ironic/sarcastic tone does wear on me sometimes to be honest. As far as content goes, I would have liked a bit more precision in the comparison of the E90 stock M3, to the CRP. Loved the almost throwaway reference to the difference in braking of the M3 vs. 1M. I don’t think I read that tidbit before, and makes me even sadder that i wasn’t able to snag one of the limited 1M’s in the wake of my 997’s sad departure. Gabe, I hope one day you get a chance to drive the Cayman R and tell us what you think.

    • Already did. It’s in the review section. Great car.

      The audio was thoroughly reworked to even things out. It sounded listenable to me before I posted it but I’ll check it out again.

      • Joe C

        I’ll check it again to see if its better. BTW, BF is still my go-to BMW blog for thought leadership.

      • Joe C

        I downloaded it again yesterday and listed up to the “diesel” exclamation by Michael which nearly blew my ears out, as I didn’t realize the volume was turned up to hear Gabe. Not sure if this version was a new, edited one, or it was the old one.

    • Quick update – I took another pass and re-normalized the audio. It’s definitely better than before.

  • 03beastcharmer

    Love the details about the ///M cars that could have been (in a strong economy). The volumes were off, but listenable for me. Hope you guys are able to get back onto a more regular schedule. I’m not a fan of the new skinny retro steering wheel on the M6, but I was also in love with the wheel on my E86 M Coupe, so I’m quirky. 🙂