The Story of One Man and His E30

The E30 3 Series was the starter BMW for many of us – me included. And it remains as one of the hallmarks of the brand and something enthusiasts are constantly judging new BMWs against. So love for the car is easy to come by. Witness David Duran and his ’87 325i. It ‘s well worth a watch (after the break) if you ‘re a fan of E30s or not.

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  • Que

    nice, hope I can keep my E39 long enough to tell a similar story.

  • E30 hoon

    Thanks for sharing this, Guys. As a proud E30 owner, I can attest that E30s have a soul all their own, that anyone that loves driving can appreciate. I can relate the video in spades.

  • David

    Great video, the antithesis of a typical disposable car mindset. The car looks fantastic in black. I can relate in some way – I helped my Son detail the interior of his newly acquired mint E36 328is coupe, and his car impressed more so than the E90 my Wife drives.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Really well done Video; great find whoever found it.

    My ’90 325i was my introduction to BMW. Without question, the sweetest sounding inline 6 motor ever made. Strong chassis; great suspension, seriously; what more could you want? Sadly mine went account super high (233K) milage. I’m sorry I let it go…

  • susan theGoth

    Thanks SO much for posting this!! I love my E30 (the 3rd one I’ve had now)…I agree, there’s that ‘feeling’ which no other car can bring; only those of us who have experienced it, truly understand. “Logical” or not, so be it! 🙂