Automobile Magazine Pits the Merc 190 2.3-16 vs E30 m3

Picture it. It ‘s the mid-80s. New Order at the clubs and the Cosby Show on the TV. And on the DTM track it ‘s the 190 2.3 vs the E30 M3. And the 190 never stood a chance. But according to our friend (and E30 touring and E30 M3 owner) Jason Cammisa it ‘s the 190 that wins on the street 35 years later. How? We ‘ll let Jason try to explain after the break.

Now about that video. I know Jason and am a big fans of his. I also appreciate what Automobile is doing with this kind of content. Jason is solid and the videography is good. But the editing and in-screen graphics. Really Automobile? Really?

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  • Andrew Popoola

    Great vid, but can’t help but think he did the comparo and came to the conclusion he did to make his purchase appear to be a good move. There is NOTHING the Merc can do to attain the status the E30 M3 has.

    • Dr Obnxs

      Jason knows his cars, and owns BMWs. Why not just take his review for what it is? Fact is that Mercedes didn’t finishe what they started with the 190E Cossie, and BMW took the baton and ran with it. Personally, I don’t think he cares a rats ass what any of us think about his purchase. He knows he bought a car that is capable, for it’s day, and a piece of history.

      • Totally agree. Jason doesn’t need to prove his worth as an enthusiast if you know what he has in his garage or how diehard a fan he is of old-school BMWs (and the 1M)

        • Andrew Popoola

          That bothers me then that he would pick the Merc. Maybe he is getting soft. There are Mercs that I do flirt with from time to time, but overall, I know that the bimmers are the better machine. I’ll take his review for what it is. The bimmer looks better, in and out, the shifter is better, it turns tighter…there is only one winner to me. And I think the world has chosen as well, that the E30 M3 is one of the best driver’s cars in the world.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Captain Force-Feedback; the artist formally known as Jason Camissa, is a person who’s opinion I trust as he like Chris Harris have no agenda and say it the way it is.