Today may be Friday the thirteenth but it is a lucky day for diesel fans in the US. BMW announced today in Munich that the US market will see two new diesel offerings in the next 12 months. Let ‘s look at the details.

One offering will be in the fuel sipping 4 cylinder variety and the other will be a six.

The 2.0 four cylinder will have an output of 180 hp and 280 ft-lbs of torque and feature all the latest technology including turbocharging and direct injection. This will be BMW ‘s MPG leader even over its hybrid offerings.

The larger 3.0l inline six diesel will produce 255 hp and an undisclosed amount of torque. We expect this have higher MPG than the current 35d engine found in the E90 3 Series and the current X5.

Both engines will utilize SCR to reduce emissions and make the engines 50 state compliant. These engines will be similar to the 20 and 30d as seen in Europe.

Target models to feature these new diesels have not been announced but rumors point to the X1 and 3 series to feature the 4 banger while the six being introduced to the X3 and next X5 at least.