Breaking: Two New BMW Diesels Officially Coming to US in 2013

Today may be Friday the thirteenth but it is a lucky day for diesel fans in the US. BMW announced today in Munich that the US market will see two new diesel offerings in the next 12 months. Let ‘s look at the details.

One offering will be in the fuel sipping 4 cylinder variety and the other will be a six.

The 2.0 four cylinder will have an output of 180 hp and 280 ft-lbs of torque and feature all the latest technology including turbocharging and direct injection. This will be BMW ‘s MPG leader even over its hybrid offerings.

The larger 3.0l inline six diesel will produce 255 hp and an undisclosed amount of torque. We expect this have higher MPG than the current 35d engine found in the E90 3 Series and the current X5.

Both engines will utilize SCR to reduce emissions and make the engines 50 state compliant. These engines will be similar to the 20 and 30d as seen in Europe.

Target models to feature these new diesels have not been announced but rumors point to the X1 and 3 series to feature the 4 banger while the six being introduced to the X3 and next X5 at least.

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  • Natextr

    That is great news! I just spent two weeks driving an X1 2.0d around Europe. We drove from Geneva to Florence and back with many day trips during the middle week and averaged over 38mpg! The best news: we are in the market for a new vehicle early next Spring…

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Wait until you see the X1 LCI in the flesh- much better product all around- that engine will see some upgrades and that will essentially be the MPG number for the X1 with the 8 speed auto (only choice).

  • les

    Thank you God.

  • Jaydeep

    Great News! Finally two modern diesels coming here. I still don’t understand why Americans don’t like diesel. US is ideal for Diesels.

    • Dr Obnxs

      It has to do with a lot of things. Mostly refining capacity and technology. This means that diesel fuel is usually 10%+ more expensive than gas. There goes a lot of the mileage benefits. Not all stations carry diesel, so that is a hit on convinience. Factor in that there is a price premium on buying a diesel car in the first place, and you have most of the reasons why diesel penetration in the US is pretty low. But I’m right there with you! The 1 series 5 door diesel was a car I’d really want to buy, but it’s not here in the US.

  • hoss

    thats not the 550d tho is it? bring that over!

  • RKCA1

    Great news! I love the 335d and want to add another BMW diesel to the fleet. Having sold many of the cars in the past few years, it’s time to build them up again!

  • Bor

    amazing news ! question how much time will it take to certify these beauties ?

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      They will hit in 2013 at some time.

  • Andrew Popoola

    I was really hoping they were bringing the 5.0D, but more options is better than just one in this case. But…before I rejoice, a lack of a stick shift will mean these engines will be dead to me. The 335d is a great car, but it would have been absolutely awesome with a stick shift.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      50d is in such high demand in Europe that all sales will be focussed there; and the cost of the engine is too high for the US to be able to sell it within the confines of the market. Oh but it is a sweet engine- best thing outside of … no it is the best of all worlds.

  • Mark

    now if we can get the 40d or 45d option in the new X5 in 2014 everything will be roses

  • Que

    It is about time. BMW if you read this, have a diesel option throughout your entire lineup, from 1 to Z. Don’t waste your time and hype with Hybrid.

  • Julian

    Any idea why the 3.0L makes less power than the outgoing diesel six that was brought to the U.S.?

    • Single turbo vs twin. It will offer greater efficiency though.

      via mobile

      • Robert

        Care to take a guess on how much more efficient? E90 335d was around 36 mpg on highway. What do you think on an F30 335d?

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          The 3 Series is more than likely getting the 2.0 turbo four. All diesels will feature the 8 Speed auto. If the rumors circulating the room where the announcement was made are true- the 320d will be over 40mpg easily. With the Active Hybrid 3 featuring power and efficiency more or less inline with the former 335d, BMW is not going to target the same market space with two models that is why a 20d or 25d makes more sense (naming means nothing at this point re: engine size).

          The X1 will be the fuel miser SAV seeing the 4 cylinder and the X3/5 will see six cylinders and 8 speeds autos.

          The manual will not come in diesel form- The take rate on manuals since BMW made the 8 speed a no cost option have plummeted to levels even BMW was surprised by.

          • Robert

            thanks. Should we expect something around 40mpg for a f30 320d on the highway

          • Robert

            Michael – Sorry, i meant to say what kind of mileage should we expect in the X1 2.0d? Will the F30 2.0d and X1 2.0d be available with xdrive? thanks again for your input.

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            Robert- final decisions on models had truly not been made yet. BMW is weighing the market conditions- sales numbers and anticipated demand as far as xDrive/ non etc. The F31 wagon will remain only 28i form. The X1 with the diesel should see 40 mpg on the highway. What was made clear is that the diesels will be offered in models that sell well, xDrive would give them the most market to sell to so I would imagine that would be the way they proceed with the SAVs. In the F30 the water gets a bit murky as the 335d was RWD only, and RWD only saves weight boosting economy and the market for the sedans is RWD dominant. The six cylinder engine is still being developed as it is entirely new and thus the lack of output for torque. We’ll have a lot of time to iron out the details at this point we are thankful to bring the official news of the new engines as we had been tipped to before Geneva.

          • Robert

            Michael – Have you had the opportunity to dive this 2.0L diesel in a European model? Does it have the typical BMW driving dynamics and fun to drive together with the good fuel economy? I am concerned that it will not have sufficient power for the vehicle (either the F30 or X1). Thanks.

          • BimmerFile_Michael

            Yes I have- I was driving an F20 120d for about 6 months and while it will not break any 0-60 records the power is most definitely ample and with the torque band and 8 speed MPG will be impressive. In the 120 I saw mid 40s without trying.

  • 335d

    Is BMW addressing Biodiesel issues? Some states provide incentives or require higher bio content than B5 or B7 (BMW allows up to 7% of Bio as of now, (for some year/models), Per BMW use of higher Bio content voids warranty). D2 is hard to get in IL (B11 has tax incentives), Minnesota is working on legislature to require 20% Bio content by 2015……

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      These engines have not completed testing yet but it is doubtful as they use sophisticated emissions systems (SCR etc.) and biodiesel while renewable is not always sourced from the same place and can have other byproducts within that can damage sensors etc. (as it has been explained to me by several different people with knowledge of that first hand.)

      Do any of the new diesels that use SCR systems from other brands accept anything over B7?

  • piper

    MINI D where are you? If BMW can do it, why not MINI? The SD would be a sensible addition to the MINI lineup … and it would surely generate additional sales from both the frugal and enthusiast (SD) buyers.