Special BMW Owner Track Event at Autobahn Country Club Near Chicago

Our friends at Autobahn our partnering with BMW to bring owners a special opportunity to drive a selection of new BMW models in a full track program this Saturday at Autobahn Country Club. The track is located about 1.5hrs outside of Chicago and the program starts at 8:30 am. Read on for full details and how to get involved.

The 3-Hour Experience Includes:

  • Professional Driving Instructors Leading Classroom & On Course Activities
  • Timed Autocross/Performance Handling
  • On-Track Laps with Professional Instructor
  • Hot Laps in the BMW Performance Fleet
  • Food & Beverage Courtesy of Autobahn Culinary Staff
  • BMW Gifts and Awards

The program will cost $150. Participants will have the chance to preview the newest BMW models including the 6 Series Gran Coupe, X6 M and 3 Series Sedan. Space is limited so make your reservation soon.

Online Reservation

For More Information Call Terri Weber (815) 823-8576

Map & Directions

Photo courtesy of Axel.

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  • ApexSpeed

    I’d pay $150 to drive an M1 and an M3 at Autobahn in anger… an X6? Not so much.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      How much do you normally pay for track time? To me it is a good value as I used to pay almost double that. Heck I’d spend more than that karting for a few hours!

      • Dr Obnxs

        Most of the events I go to are $200+ for one day, and $300+ for a weekend. That’s about 5-6 30 min sessions per day in my car. At the right event, the afternoon sessions are really open, as some of the older participants have stopped driving because they are tired. $150 for this is a pretty fair price. Especially since one will get to thrash cars one doesn’t own!

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    Personally I think this is a steal of a deal- anytime there are instructors and track time for such a nominal fee (in the grand scheme) I am all for it. Plus there is food and hot laps in M Performance models.

    The one thing I miss outside of certain foods stateside (BBQ to be specific) is track events as they are much more costly here- sure we have the ‘Ring and the autobahn but sometimes variety is a good thing.

  • 03BeastCharmer

    Sounds like a great deal. The question will be how much of that 3 hrs will be based in the classroom, and how much on track, and if you are sharing cars. If you get over 30 minutes in each car it would be a bargain. If only 10 minutes behind the wheel, it would probably be an enjoyable experience if you hadn’t done an event at the Performance Center before.

    My fear would be that they have a bunch of cars and you spend a lot of time in que for the timed autocross/handling areas, and you burn through an hour and only got like 3 runs through each area.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      From reading the info on the event page it also sounds like you can track your own BMW- which is nice especially at a venue like this where there is run off.