The Green Mamba BMW 1M in Individual Java Green

The guys over at the German site BimmerToday have an exclusive on a factory one-off 1M.

The custom Leipzig build was one of the final cars produced before the 1M production run was final. Completed through BMW Individual, the owner specced the car as seen here. Rare birds need rare colors, and BMW ‘s Java Green is just that, add in the blacking out of the chrome, custom stripes and GTS M3 wheels and you get a head turner; although not our cup of tea it is original.

According to the unnamed owner, the car is number 6328 out of 6331 of the total 1M run. Rumors point to the last four cars being reserved for high ranking M employees and BMW AG brass. All of those final cars were built as one-offs through Individual- we hope more of them publicly surface as there is nothing cooler than a car that doesn ‘t exist anywhere else. Full Gallery over at

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  • Que

    Wish I was a BMW employee

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I hear that +1000

  • rj

    The stripe on the hood ….. just looks tacky.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I liked it, sort of, until I saw it said “Green Mamba”- then it became a bit too much for me as well.

  • Tim M.

    wow… I’m obiviously not the demographic. Looks like a Civic in a high school parking lot.

    • Agreed. I wish that the opportunity to get individual colors had been extended to more of us. I would have seriously thought about Laguna Seca Blue or Fire Orange.

    • It’s a shame that this is the color chosen considering all of the historically significant options available. It’s also a shame that we in the US didn’t even get an option. I would have thought seriously about going with Estroil Blue or even Fire Orange.

  • goat

    Very cool, though would prefer a non-metallic racing green for something so sporting… I would like to see P-car non-metallic colours on these cars (I suppose one could do a vinyl wrap).

  • Sayed

    It certainly does “stand out” i suppose :S