A Closer Look at the M135i Makes Us Want One Even More

A BMW hatch that promises near M levels of driver involvement while being relatively affordable. Sound like a perfect combination right? BMW doesn ‘t think so for the US market where we ‘ll have to wait for the M235i Coupe before we get this package. But in the mean-time you can see what you ‘re missing and get a sense of what the M235i will have in store for us.

(video after the break)

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  • lavardera

    I’m so sorry these won’t be a choice here.

  • goat

    Even with the sad-sack Pig-in-AngryBird headlights, it would be great to see these sold in Canada – and I think they would sell, as many prefer 4-door hatches / wagons to 4-door sedans for both utility and appearance. That said, am more looking forward to seeing the 2-series and fully expect (hope?) it will have very different headlights and an altogether sleeker profile.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      After driving one, I’m completely sold on M Performance Automobiles and the M135i. I see tons of F20s a day and the looks have grown on me a lot- I actually have grown to like it (and when I had one I didn’t like the looks) because it is different than the norm and has a “fun” personality.

      • lavardera

        I still have to roll out my earlier crit, that I think the front fascia on the regular 1 series is much nicer looking than the M version here. It just has a nice and plain waterfall profile that you just don’t see often today in our current of overwrought lines. The regular 1 series is pure and simple.

        That said I understand why they want to distinguish this model with a different fascia, and how it ties into the front fascias of other M products.

  • Kbwright13

    I would love one of these to replace my Clubman. I could still carry the kids while have a fun small car.

  • mini vanilli

    Im sorry, these hatches are just hideous! Looks like a pregnant 135i…not sexy at all

  • p912guy

    I just don’t get BMW’s thinking on this. I want one. I’d be first in line to give up my MINI Cooper S for one of these and I don’t think I’d be alone. VW’s coming out with a new Golf / GTI shortly. This looks like it would eat current and future GTI’s for lunch. I happen to like the looks of the 2 door hatch along with the functionality much more than a simple coupe or sedan, and that’s from a guy that really likes the look of the current 135i Coupe.