How to Not Drive an M3 in the Rain

As many of us know, drive on high-performance tires in very wet conditions requires levelheadedness. Sudden change in direction is not a good idea. But when combined with excessive speed it ‘s a particularly bad idea. But don ‘t take our word for it. You can see all the evidence required after the break.

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  • Dylan Bland

    Terrifying. Do you think the driver had disengaged any of the stability aids?

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I bet they were all on, when there is no grip those aids can’t help. The driver made a bunch of mistakes- first being the driving too fast. The car is in a full on slide with limited traction at both axels it looks like, there needed to be additional correction rather than just turn the wheel and full on brakes. That said, it would have required a lot of skill to come out of that- most driver’s just don’t have that training.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    I remember when I was younger my dad and I were driving back from a car show and it was pouring rain; my dad gave me the standing water, hydroplaning speech while I was in the passenger seat.

    Not five minutes later a Porsche that I was drooling over earlier at the car show sped by us like we were standing still. He hit some standing water during the down pour, the car spun around clipped the guard rail and it went down the road on its roof like a turtle.

    Driver was somehow ok but it was one of those lessons in life you learn from other’s mistakes- take it easy in the rain, especially if there is standing water and the wipers are having trouble keeping up.

  • Adam

    I bought it on the Ohio Turnpike on the way back from Jersey during a blizzard, Chicago didnt have any snow yet so I figured I’d leave the slicks on…. ha ha bad idea. Safe to say I spun, sailed accross 3 lanes of traffic hit a tree, spun again and landed in a river beside the highway, all broken windows, caved panels and burst gas tank. Scariest thing I’d ever been thru in my life. And the car? R.I.P.

  • cgmb16

    Is it just me, or does it appear that the door came open upon impact? Yikes! Once the car rolls, it looks like the door is perpendicular to the car. I hope everyone was okay.

  • Que

    My guess is the video camera was hogging the left lane. Seems like the M3 had so much speed, that it changed lane last minute to avoid the left lane hogger, and wrecked itself. Yes it is not an excuse, but I think the camera car was partially to blame. The M3 driver could have reduced it’s speed and just waited behind the slower camera car and only pass on the left like they do in Germany. It is all speculation, but hope the riders in the M3 were okay. If your slow, keep right, and let the faster Bimmers by please, just my $0.02