An Argument for Driver Training

Teenagers and M3s don ‘t typically mix unless there are two things; adult supervision or some level of driver training. Because inevitably the teenager will want to find the limits of the M3. I know because I did just that in my parents E36 M3. And as much go-kart experience and driver training I had, I was still an idiot at times. I can ‘t imagine if I didn ‘t have the basic knowledge I had behind the wheel.

When and where the uneducated hit those limits and ultimately handle them can be the key for not just fun but survival. Case in point the video after the break where a video game educated teenager comes face to face with too much speed, sudden weight transfer and a bad line.

For more information on driver training, check out the BMWCCA if you ‘re in the US.

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  • jdadour

    Agreed. When I was 18, I actually learned a lot from playing Rally Racing games, like braking/taking caution before crests and watching out for turns that tighten during the apex. Would have helped this kid A LOT!

  • Alexandre

    What would have helped this kid is a brain transplant, unfortunately science is not there yet

  • mini vanilli

    The guys voice yelling “OH MY G…!” is HALARIOUS! hahha

  • Steve

    Maybe you should run an article on Tire Rack’s Street Survival Program developed and managed by the BMW CCA Foundation.

    At United BMW we recognize the importance of educating our teenagers to become safer and smarter drivers. We sponsor three event throughout the year put on by the local BMW CCA and PCA members.

  • Roland Renno

    Based on the steering wheel angle seen seconds before the loss of control, I can tell three things:

    The kid is totally a non-experienced driver. The steering angle provided by the driver was lesser than needed for the curve, The speed was beyond the limit and that forced the wheels to lose contact with the ground.

    • mini vanilli

      wow, can’t get anything past you lol