Could This be the Best Looking BMW Four Door Ever?

We don ‘t usually dwell on renderings here at BF. They ‘re often off-base and at times they ‘re only good at creating swirl on internet boards. But every so often one drops our jaw to the ground. And in this case we believe it ‘s also very close to reality.

In 2014 BMW will launch the F36 4 Series Gran Coupe. Following the standard two door 4 Series (renamed from the 3 Series in order to properly move up market), the 4GC will bring two rear doors and an extended wheel-base to better accommodate the occasional back-seat passengers. Unsurprisingly the 4GC will feature the same general design ideas that the 6GC debuted this year; 4+1 seating, limited headroom and a sleek roofline plus other unique design touches meant to position this four door further up-market.

But none of it means much if it isn ‘t stunning to look at. And based on what we ‘ve heard from insiders, the 4CG will be nothing less than the best looking BMW four door in recent memory. And while it may be early, we can ‘t help but be just a little excited. Especially for the M version.

Look for the 4GC to debut in concept form late next year followed by a production debut in the spring of 2014. We ‘d expect it to hit showrooms later in 2014 in both 28i and 35i form. Then look for a full-on M version (and likely an M Performance version) a year to 18 months later.

Hat tip: BMWBLOG

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  • les

    I’m very excited about this car.

  • Dylan

    Best looking BMW 4 door in recent memory, really? I don’t see this!

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    The 4 GC will be lower to the ground and have less head room in the rear compared to the traditional 3 sedan. There are some indication that it will be a bit more like the CS concept than the 6 GC turned out to be in terms of rear door and quarter look.

    What’s the point some may ask- People now want a sleeker “sedan” and will pay more for it so any brand that doesn’t make such a product is losing customers and that is not a good thing.

    The 3 Series GT will be shown in “Concept” form very shortly and that will be a bit more sporty than the 5 GT but nothing quite like this. The 3 GT will be more along the lines of the Audi A7 in style than the 5 GT- with a retractable rear spoiler.

  • Adam

    What kinda strikes me is how small the man driving the car is compaired to the car.

  • Andrew

    After seeing the 6 GC in person, I am of the opinion that this will look just as stunning. I am not happy about the renaming of the 3er Coupe however. “four series coupe” just does not have a nice ring to it. That said, the next M3 coupe will be an M4 (same issue, just does not sound right) …and we can expect a Z6…and a Z2. Brand proliferation, here we go!

    X6 was/is a waste to me. X7 would have been best, rather than adding those borderline useless 3rd row in the E70 X5. X4 is probably around the corner too.

    5 Gt was not needed. M1 revival would have been the smartest choice.

    End Rant.