BMW NA Sales Down 19% for August

Who ‘s bought BMW in August? Apparently not a lot of you as sale fell 34% for the month compared to last year. In total BMW sold 16,835 compared to 20,815 vehicles from August, 2011. Year-to-date, the BMW brand is up 5.6 percent on sales of 164,636 compared to 155,929 sold in the first eight months of 2011.

 So what ‘s selling? Frankly not much. But there is one model that clearly is winning in its segment; the 6 Series. In fact the 6er is up almost 120% over 2012. Surely some of that is due to the model change-over. But we can ‘t help but think it ‘s also due to the fact the car is generally fantastic.

So where ‘s the new F30 3 Series in all of this? It ‘s down 29.3% somewhat inexplicably. Is it the lack of inventory? Or maybe the confusing option “lines “? More likely it ‘s the lack of decent volume when it comes to the all wheel drive option on the F30 that ‘s hurting sales. It debuted in August and should be available in higher number this September.

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  • JRobUSC

    That’s a 19% drop, not 34%.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Thanks you beat me to it. 34% is for cars, not including SAVs.

      • JRobUSC

        No problem. While you’re at it, Lexus is not in the lead for 2012. They’re 14k units behind BMW (9%) and 18k units behind Mercedes (12%). Lexus 150k units, BMW 164k units, Mercedes 168k units.

  • mitsuwrx808

    do you think the 3.79 percent rate offered by bmwusa financing for 36-60months has a play in dropped sales versus last year of 0.9 to1.9 percent rate….perhaps…..hmm

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I am sure that it does as well as the price of the packaging going through the roof. Compare the cost of an E90 to an F30 and its jaw dropping. The packaging system now makes more money per unit but is selling less units- which is not the BMW AG goal. That’s what happens when the people making the decisions about how to package cars are so disconnected from the actual buyers. I honestly would never spend the money on the options as they are now, and I honestly can’t build a car in the US, the way I (the person paying for the car) would like it. With MB offering better deals and similar packaging it makes sense why they are kicking tail at the moment. BMW is trying the “Super size” approach which works briefly by bundling everything to establish “perceived” value but educated consumers know what they want/need and what is excess. Like HUD with NAV, I want NAV but not HUD since I wear polarized glasses and it doesn’t work. We said back when the F30 launched that BMWNA’s packaging was going to bite them and it is…. now they will need to lower the rates and offer lease deals to move product so was the packaging smart?

      • Evan

        The packaging is very restrictive compared to before. Hopefully they’ll improve this- sports seats only with sport line & m-sport? They are allowing MINI to keep it’s wide variety of mix-and-match options with only a few packages and their system of manufacturing was designed for this. It was touted as an asset and I believe it is. Between the packages and electric steering, I’m beyond thankful I got my end of production E91. Maybe they’ll fix it in a few years and make the beautiful to look at F31 also beautiful to option and steer…. It’s sad because I don’t know what I’d want to go and buy if I suddenly were in the market. It’s a question I’m always asking myself and truthfully, I don’t know what it’d be. Thankfully, my E91 is still very new. 🙂

      • BMW seller

        Michael, you didn’t mention any of the above regarding rates or incentives in the Podcast 64. Gabe said a bit about less incentives compared to last year. I can tell you as a BMW CA that left MB a few months ago after a two year stint (9 years with BMW before that) that that Benz is throwing mega millions of “Conquest Money” to take sales from anyone and everyone. In addition, the MB dealers regularly sell below Invoice. BMW dealers don’t go into their AVP money (invoice) because they want it back as cash at the end of the year.. There’s no mystery, BMW NA believes they are immune to the Market and they are dead wrong.

  • John Parke

    Also the cadillac ats is out now (i think). So that may be part of it too.