Video: BMW M5 vs. Porsche Panamera GTS

Motortrend puts the BMW M5 against the Porsche Panamera flagship GTS in a head to head comparison. The outcome may be surprising to some and on some levels we here at BF agree. There will be more commentary on this battle soon enough, for now check out the video.

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  • sackboy

    Driven them both, and he is just WRONG ! Yep- they are both too heavy, but so much of that was caused by both Companys quest for Safety, to go along with Performance, and will improve as they all work more aluminum and advanced composites into their designs! As for the "steering & handling", the M5 is just far superior! Not even CLOSE! Sorrybout that one! sackboy

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      The M5 steering is getting bad press all over, I’m perplexed by it as it is more a function of weight than the rack itself..

      • Adam

        Maybe its because other BMW’s have electric racks LOL

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          Could be and the reviewers don’t realize the rack is still hydraulic and just fine…