More reviews are filtering in on the new N37 three cylinder engine, this time from England ‘s Autocar. As with the others, things are looking interesting…

>From the first probing nudge of the throttle it’s clear the new unit is already at a fairly advanced state of development. It hauls the 1-series off the line with deceptive vigor and a degree of smoothness in low to middling revs I’ve yet to experience from a three-cylinder powerplant, Ford’s excellent 1.0-litre unit included. The inclusion of a counter rotating balancing shaft has successfully dampened the characteristic vibration, endowing the new BMW engine with remarkable refinement by existing three-cylinder standards.

>It is the responsiveness of the new unit, though, that really stands out, giving it the sort of sporting attributes that have become part and parceled of just about all BMW engines down through the years. We are yet to discover exactly how much boost pressure it runs, but there is little hint of lag, just a lovely linear flow of power.

>It sounds great, too, different to BMW’s existing four- and six-cylinder in a lot of ways.

Read more at Autocar.

The N37 will publicly debut in the front wheel drive BMW Active Sport Tourer shown at Paris this September. While it ‘s be officially labeled as a concept, it should be very close to production in technology and drivetrain – the very two things the new MINI hatch will be sharing with it when it hits the market in late 2013.