Video: BMW M5 Vs. Tesla Model S Drag Race

The Tesla Model S is now leaving its California factory at around 100 units per month as production ramps up. Tesla and its R&D into electrified drive trains is something the mainstream auto industry has yet to compete with. The model is is said to have a 300 mile range, something most people can live with but what is most amazing is the performance it unleashes. The BMW M5 is the pinnacle of super sedans, it will keep up with many smaller dedicated sports cars while pampering its occupants in luxury. The sound that the M5 emits is just raw petrol burning excitement, the Tesla we ‘re not so sure about.

M cars have never been known to be quick at the strip but rather be all around driver ‘s cars being exceptional in the twists- the Tesla Model S is still up for debate but makes an interesting contender moving forward. Video after the break.

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  • Worst freaking launch for the M5 possible. Sorry but this video proves nothing.

    • r_k_w

      Good M5 launch or not, it proves that the Tesla is a fast car.

      • rkca1

        yes, at least to 100mph from a standstill.

  • Dr Obnxs

    Ezra says that it wins two out of three times… That implies that they ran it more than once. But the whole profile of the race is what you expect: Electric pulls out first because of the high torque at low RPM, but it doesn’t really have the top end. If they’d gone to a distance just a bit further down the road, the BMW would have passed and never been seen again! But like Richard says, to even be this close shows the S is no slouch, that’s for sure. On the street, the spanking would be even worse: Much lower top speeds (much higher torque at the wheels), no need to downshift or shift at all, means the Model S will have tons of drivetrain advantages. It’s cool to see the tech roll out… Vive la difference!