Consumer Reports Names the 328i Most Reliable Sports Sedan

As much as we ‘re generally not fans of Consumer Reports and how they rate cars, we do take notice of their reliability ratings. For 2013 CR has rated the 328i as the most reliable sports sedan on sale in the US market.

The 328i came out last year equipped with the highly acclaimed N20 2.0L four cylinder turbo and efficiency ratings higher than the US had ever seen in a 3 Series. But performance is expected in a BMW, reliability isn ‘t always – especially for a new model. So this is a nice surprise.

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  • I would take their assessment with a grain a salt. There are not enough real life data to draw solid conclusions: the car has been on the market for less than a year and sales have been slow.

  • CiaoBoy

    If BMW has found a way to cure the carbon buildup in their direct injection engines in both their BMW and MINI lineup, I’d be surprised, but glad.

    • Hamburgerler

      The question is if any brand has found away around the carbon build up. Every brand has the same issues.

      • CiaoBoy

        Toyota’s discovery of the problem led to their solution, which is to bring back port injectors to be used in combination with direct injectors. I read that VW is planning to implement the same setup.