BMW M Performance Steering Wheel in Action

We ‘ve got an unhealthy obsessions with the latest crop of BMW M Performance parts. Originally branded as BMW Performance (even though M did much of the work), the new M Performance line brings a healthy dose of alcantara, carbon fiber and some added performance benefits across the BMW line-up. Perhaps the most coveted single accessory (beyond that M3 exhaust of course) is the M Performance Steering wheel. With a full digital display, flat bottom and covered in alcantara head to toe, it ‘s both striking and functional.

In this video BMW race driver Tim Schrick takes a turn through the various settings for both the road and track.

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  • lavardera

    As google would say: Did you mean: alcantara

  • lavardera

    A display on the steering wheel rim? What do people think of this?

  • steering wheel

    good idea..