BMWNA To Attack the US Market with Six Diesel Models

Thanks to someone with an itchy posting finger at vwvortex we not only have further confirmation of BMWNA ‘s diesel plans but a full outline of the models to expect. To recap we ‘ve heard from a number of sources over the past year that BMW of North America plans to bring two new diesel engines to the US market. The plan is to focus more on efficiency and less on power as the 335d and X5 35d did with it ‘s barn-burning diesel. But what we didn ‘t know was the exact model mix BMW intended these engines for.

Here ‘s the line-up and when to expect it:

  • 3 Series Diesel Sedan / 1st half of 2013
  • 3 Series Diesel Wagon / 2nd half of 2013
  • 5 Series Diesel (presumably sedan) / 3rd quarter 2013
  • X5 Diesel (Next generation X5) / end of 2013
  • 7 Series Diesel / 1st half of 2014
  • X3 Diesel / 1st half of 2014

What engines will each get? The two engines we have confirmed BMWNA will be offering are:

2.0L 4 cylinder

  • 180 hp
  • 280 lb ft
  • 8 Speed AT
  • reportedly “significant MPG improvements ” over the N20

3.0L 6 Cylinder

  • 255 hp
  • NA lb ft
  • 8 Speed AT
  • reportedly “significant MPG improvements ” over the current 35d

What engines on what models isn ‘t known at this time. However it ‘s safe to assume the smaller cars (the 3er and X3) will likely get the four cylinder while the larger (X5, 5 and 7) will get the six. However the star of the show in our eyes might just be the 3 Series wagon with the four cylinder diesel. Incredible MPG with performance and plenty of utility. Sounds exactly like what this market hasn ‘t had… ever.

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  • Rob

    Looks like the X1 is excluded from getting the 2.0 diesel. Too bad.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Which is contra to everything we had heard early on. More than likely the diesel adder would take it out of its target demo for pricing.

      • Rob

        Any idea whether the 3er 2.0l diesel will come in xdrive? Obviously, the X3 will.

  • les

    I’ll believe it when it’s actually in the showroom.

  • RKCA1

    This is great new. Now I have to choose between x3d or 5 series d 🙁

    • RKCA1

      I mean news not new.

  • Evan

    Dear BMW, Thank you for bringing us the 2L diesel for the 3er AND especially for putting it in the touring here.

    Now please be fully wonderful and revert to hydraulic assist or at least vastly improve the current EPS in the F30.

    Sincerely, Engaged current and future BMW driver

  • Bor

    please 3-series wagon with x-drive!

  • minienigma

    Please, please, please tell me that all of these can be purchased with a manual transmission…. I realize that that might be counter to the focus on economy, but I really prefer to row my own gears.

    • Andrew

      I promised not to say anything unless someone brought it up. If BMW brings ANY of these over with a manual, then I know exactly what my next car will be. Maybe we want to eat our cake and have it, but if the latest Passat can be had with a manual and diesel, then… Please, please, please BMW…I know you read these post. Just give us a manual. Can you imagine a 3er touring diesel wagon!?!?!?!?

      • minienigma

        Precisely. 3er diesel wagon with manual transmission…. Mmmm, I’d run out and buy one now.

  • gaparch

    How about a 5er wagon with manual and 3.0L diesel? That car would be awesome.