We can ‘t help but think that BMW ‘s upcoming “Boxer ” concept is heavily inspired by a growing resurgence in classic bikes like this R 100. It ‘s an ethos tied to something much more organic than the perennial “Cafe Racer ” fascination currently apexing in bike culture. It ‘s something rooted more closely to the “garage built ” movement that seems to be swelling like a tidal wave — sweeping up classic Hondas, Triumphs and BMWs and turning them into race-inspired, superbly road-able machines. Not just shiny “rocker boy ” monstrosities, but carefully crafted vintage bikes optimized for performance and style. It ‘s no wonder that vintage BMWs like the R 100 in this video have become extremely popular with these builders. I imagine that in the coming years, the term Cafe Racer will give way to something more accurate for these kinds of bikes. But in the meantime, enjoy.

Via 7Seven