Scooped: 3 Series Gran Tourismo Spied Undressed & Unattractive

Well what do we have here? Autoblog has spied a full look at the 3 Series Gran Turismo at a recent photoshoot. The prognosis? Perhaps slighly less ungainly than the 5 Series GT but no where near as attractive as the already released 3 Series wagon- the car it ‘s meant to make redundant. Does it deserve a spot in the line-up between the 3er touring and the X3? Let us know in the comments.

Look for the debut to happen this winter with sales starting late next year.

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  • kent

    BMW should stop with the niche cars. Just give the US access to the great cars already in their lineup but not available here. Why can’t North America just have a 335i Touring with a stick?

    • Adam

      You know the USA isnt the only country in the world right? I know its a scary thought and believe me its even scarier because I’m from one of those exotic other places that isnt America. Point being… this car isnt only for us.

      • Evan

        I hope it’s not for us at all. The title says it all- unattractive. BMW can build beautiful cars so why does it do this ungainly GT?

        At least the F31 is coming. And with a diesel!

  • I like it. Makes a hell of a lot more real-world sense to me than the X range ever will.

  • les

    My mom would love it!

  • lavardera

    I always thought that Mazda had a good thing with their 4dr hatchback Mazda6. But they discontinued it in the US years ago.

  • JonPD

    Just aged 5 years looking at the picture, better than the 5GT but still an AARP mobile.